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One  on  One  Coaching

Are you ready?

To accept and love yourself fully and unconditionally?

To come home to you, to feel safe and loved inside your body?

To let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve you anymore?

To heal and integrate hurtful conditioning and old wounds?

To learn how to create more freedom, vibrancy, sexiness, passion, connection and power in your life?

To use your sensual and sexual pleasure to infuse every part of your body with luscious sparkling energy and aliveness?


You’ve come to the right place!


Get a taste of what it’s like to work with me. 


Stuff happens in life. 

We experience things in childhood and later on in life which can create wounds and can shut us down physically, emotionally and spiritually. Years and years of cultural conditioning can hold us back in expressing who we truly are.


Out of the fear of feeling that pain again and again, we protect ourselves. We build a fence. We might numb ourselves with food, alcohol or drugs, social media or tv. We might suffer from depression. We lose connection to our body and to our truth. We get out of alignment and drift away from our core essence. That influences our relationships, blurs our vision of ourselves and our desires and blocks our ability to experience love, pleasure and bliss.


We end up living our lives without truly being and feeling ALIVE


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The neo cortex: in charge of logic abstract thought.

The limbic system: managing our emotions.

The primal brain: making sure we are safe and able to survive. 

I am dedicated to take you on an amazing journey. 

I do this by creating a partnership with you in a supportive, loving and compassionate way to create a conscious and safe container for transformation. 

I will be using an embodied approach that works with the mind, emotions, sensations, body and energy. 

We will be working on the 3 parts of the brain:

In order to access all parts of the brain we will be talking, but we’ll also be using practices that involve intention, focus, sound, movement and breath. In this way conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious beliefs, patterns and wounds can be healed and integrated. And that results in more empowerment, self-love and self-realisation.


During this whole process I will be focused on you achieving your goals and desires in alignment with your truth. 


Because I believe we all need something different, my coaching programmes are tailor made to every individual client. 


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This is what you can expect when we decide

to work together:

  • Coaching sessions will take place via video calls on Zoom or Skype. They are usually 75-90 minutes long.

  • A welcome package which will contain questions to get you clear on what it is you want to be working on during our time together. I will also send you a welcome gift through the mail which will be useful to you during the coaching program and hopefully long after.

  • After getting clear on what you truly desire and what your goals are, I will create a customised programme for you to achieve maximum transformation. Although I have a roughly outlined plan, I use my intuition and your input to guide me where to go in each session. 

  • During sessions we will dive deep into your psyche and body through connecting to your emotions and sensations. Discovering what is holding you back and what is needed for you to heal, grow and expand. Using specific processes to profoundly transform issues. 

  • I will guide you through ancient and modern practices that transform the primal brain and the unconscious, soothe the nervous system and create integration in a holistic way. You will also do these practices as homework and for some of these practices you will receive custom made audio recordings so it’s easy to follow along.

  • I offer WhatsApp and email support and accountability (Mon-Fri) in between sessions. 


Not everyone is ready for this life changing process. But if you feel drawn to this and you feel ready to deeply invest in yourself and are willing to put in the time and energy, show up for sessions and do the homework, then book your free 60 minute discovery call now. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


*Coaching offered both in English and Dutch.

"I am deeply committed to empower women to heal their lost connection to themselves, their bodies and their pleasure."

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