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My  Journey

Hi, I’m Laura. 

I am an Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and I am deeply committed to empower women to heal their lost connection to themselves, their bodies and their pleasure. I guide women back to love and align them with their truth. 


I was always drawn to helping others. 

After completing my Bachelor in Education in Holland, I worked 10 years as a youth and family social worker. During and after that time I also meandered through different healing and bodywork courses like Reiki, Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage, myofascial release techniques, mindfulness and meditation.

Although all these experiences were invaluable to my overall education, I yearned for something else, something even more meaningful and empowering for me and my clients. 

I wanted to help people who craved real change, who were ready to undergo transformation and dive deep into their bodies and psyches. And I had a passion for sexuality and sensuality that had never been put to good use, except on a personal level…


About 4 years ago I experienced the devastating impact of depression where I felt completely numb, disconnected and miserable. I received therapy and was ‘clinically’ not depressed anymore, but something was still missing and I was terrified that the passionate and vibrant part of me (the part that actually always had felt like THE me) had died in my twenties. 

There were so many days and nights where I frantically searched the internet for answers and ways to retrieve that lost part. Could medication be the answer, was I not following the ‘how to’ sex-tips good enough or was I just a freak of nature and ‘broken’?

Eventually I discovered courses with holistic and tantric self-love, sensuality and sexuality practices. I was super excited to dive in and feel alive again, but also really afraid that this wouldn’t work. That it was too easy, too good to be true.


My senses slowly came back to life......I could feel sensations inside of my body......My energy started to move and flow and expand. The spark that was gone for so long and I believed would never return, started to emerge. The relationship with my husband gradually became affectionate and passionate again. 


Although I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet, it felt like a miracle had happened.


At the end of 2016 I decided to study at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality founded by Layla Martin and immersed myself in the one-and-a-half year long 600+ hour intensive training. The journey I had started previously now came into 5th gear. It was hard work, and it took a lot of courage, dedication and vulnerability to complete the program.


But it was SO WORTH IT!

The powerful teachings and practices healed old childhood wounds, connected me with parts of me I had forgotten, pushed away and was ashamed of. I learned to hold myself with deep compassion and love. 


My biggest transformation happened through experiencing genuine self-love and worthiness for the first time ever. With that came deep body and soul awakening PLEASURE. 

And I am so honoured and grateful that I am now able to help others on their journey.

"I am deeply committed to empower women to heal their lost connection to themselves, their bodies and their pleasure."

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