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Womens Circle


Connect Share Discover Celebrate Restore


Women throughout history have gathered in circles to share wisdom, experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and to empower each other. These gatherings help women get in touch with their feminine strength and turn up their positive vibration. 


This monthly Women’s Circle offers a safe and gentle space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share.


Examples of subjects: Womanhood, Nature, Self-care, Childbirth, Sexuality, Creativity, Intuition, Sensuality, Beauty, Self-love, Spirituality. 


The circle is held as a ceremony. I will introduce the subject, we can each shortly journal on the subject and we will call in support. The circle will be opened and after sharing there will be a guided meditation or practice, followed by tea and chocolate.  


You can find upcoming dates for Women’s Circle here. 

"I am deeply committed to empower women to heal their lost connection to themselves, their bodies and their pleasure."

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