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Jade Egg

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Enjoy a strong pelvic floor and a positive, loving relationship with your body, energy and sensuality.


What is a Jade Egg and how do you use it?

With the Jade-Egg (also called yoni-egg) you connect with your body in a conscious and loving way with different exercises. You place an egg shaped stone of Jade in your vagina. With the Jade-Egg in your vagina you tighten and relax the different muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina. We also pay attention to the breath and work with (building, circulating and storing) energy.


Each of the lessons will consist of:

  • a short explanation,

  • a warm-up or energy exercise,

  • the Jade-Egg practice,

  • closing of circle / sharing experiences / answering questions.


We will stay fully dressed during the workshops. It is useful to put on loose pants or a long skirt, so that you can discretely insert your egg while being guided by the teacher.


Benefits of using a Jade Egg

  • If you do it responsibly, it trains the pelvic floor in an amazing way (helps with incontinence, after childbirth and also women with a prolapse have experienced improvement),

  • Your pelvic floor becomes strong and you also learn to relax consciously,

  • Jade provides a cleansing, calming and harmonizing influence on the uterus, ideal for menstrual pains,

  • It creates more feeling and sensations,

  • The nervous system in the vagina develops through focus, energy and attention,

  • It is a tangible holistic method for women to accept their bodies, to increase self-love and to heal and integrate body and sexuality,

  • Energy booster - feeling and boosting the energy body.



  • Do not use the Jade-Egg internally when you are pregnant,

  • Do not use the Jade Egg internally during the most intense days of your period,

  • Do not use the Jade Egg internally if you have an active sexually transmitted disease or a bacterial or fungal infection.

The exercises can also be performed and will still be effective if the egg is temporarily not inserted.


The benefits of using the Jade-Egg are not yet scientifically proven, but because no negative side effects have been reported, it can always be worth supporting yourself in solving your physical or sexual problems. Even without promises, it is a holistic practice that offers tremendous benefits to a lot of women who have tried it.

If you have a serious health problem, the Jade-Egg should be used in combination with Western medical interventions. In that case always talk to your doctor.


If you are interested in learning beautiful practices with the Jade Egg, but you don’t live close to attend the live workshops, I also teach Jade Egg in private one-on-one sessions via Skype or Zoom. Email me if you want to know more.

You can find upcoming dates for live Jade Egg workshops here.

"I am deeply committed to empower women to heal their lost connection to themselves, their bodies and their pleasure."

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