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  Senses Ritual



Before you start listening to the audio, there are some things you need to prepare. Putting some extra time and care into the preparations will enhance your experience during the practice. 


Set up a space that is really pretty and feels warm and sensual. Light candles if you want and put some comfy cushions or pillows on the ground to sit on. 


You will need these tools and accessories: 

• Smell: organic, pure essential oils or incense, flowers or food.

• Taste: luscious foods; mango, strawberries, grapes, honey, chocolate or whatever tastes delicious to you.

• Sight: a mirror so you can look at yourself and connect with the visual of your own body! 

• Touch: use your hands to touch your body! You can also use soft fabric or a feather.

• Sound: have some music ready to play and you will speak compliments to yourself to activate your  sexuality.

Enjoy this magical date with yourself! 



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